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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Specialist

Illinois Dental Center of Belmont

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When the last of your adult molars make their appearance, they can be painful and even disrupt the growth of your other teeth. At Illinois Dental Center of Belmont in Chicago, Illinois, the experienced dental team offers the convenience of in-office wisdom teeth extractions to protect your dental health and alleviate any pain or discomfort. The highly-trained team of experts has experience with many successful extraction procedures and their goal is to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your visit. Schedule a consultation by calling their Belmont Central office or using the online booking tool.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Q&A

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your final adult molars that erupt during your late teenage years or early adulthood. These four teeth develop on the top and bottom of the back of your mouth. They’re designated as wisdom teeth due to the age when the molars make their appearance, traditionally a time of increased maturity and wisdom.

Do I need my wisdom teeth extracted?

For some, wisdom teeth erupt without causing any dental issues, so there’s no need to remove them. In many cases, however, there’s not enough space for the molars to erupt properly. As a result, they can become impacted, or stuck, in an uncomfortable position.

Without extraction, impacted wisdom teeth can cause persistent pain and even lead to infection or other dental complications. Wisdom teeth can also interfere with the positioning and health of your other teeth.

By addressing potential issues as early as possible, you can prevent pain and long-term dental complications. Your dentist at Illinois Dental Center of Belmont can examine your wisdom teeth and even if you’re not having pain or other issues, determine if these third molars need to be removed.

What can I expect during a wisdom tooth extraction?

Prior to your surgery, your dentist at Illinois Dental Center of Belmont performs a thorough evaluation of your overall dental health and takes X-rays to determine how many of your wisdom teeth should be extracted to protect your other teeth and prevent complications.

Illinois Dental Center of Belmont performs wisdom tooth extractions in a comfortable, in-office surgical suite and is fully equipped to safely provide local anesthesia or oral sedation.

During the extraction, your dentist removes some or all of your molars and you can expect to go home after you recover from sedation, with the help of a friend or family member to drive you home. They provide complete aftercare instructions to prevent infection and ensure proper healing.

You may have to limit what you eat for a few two to three days after surgery and follow your dentist’s instructions for cleaning the site. You also need to schedule a follow-up visit to check on the healing progress of the extraction area and for the removal of any sutures.

Learn more about the in-office wisdom tooth extraction services at Illinois Dental Center of Belmont or scheduling an appointment online today.