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Partial Dentures Specialist

Illinois Dental Center of Belmont

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Though complete dentures are a good option to replace missing or damaged teeth, partial dentures are a good option for patients who still have most of their healthy, intact teeth. The team at Illinois Dental Center of Belmont, located in the Belmont Central area of Chicago, Illinois, creates custom partial dentures that look indistinguishable from your natural teeth. To start the process of getting partial dentures to replace one or more teeth, call Illinois Dental Center of Belmont or book an appointment online today.

Partial Dentures Q&A

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are removable appliances that hold the places of one or more of your missing teeth. They typically contain a metal component to latch onto remaining healthy teeth for support, as well as custom-designed false teeth to fill the gaps.

Like complete dentures, most partial dentures include pink acrylic parts to replicate the appearance of tissues within your mouth. Your partial denture may also include crowns for some of your natural teeth for a more secure fit and consistent look.

At Illinois Dental Center of Belmont, the team creates your partial dentures to look just like the original teeth they replace. They help you select from several varieties of partial dentures to suit your needs and personal preferences.

Why do I need partial dentures?

When you lose one or more teeth from an arch, it isn’t always efficient or necessary to remove the rest of your teeth to make way for a complete denture. Yet, the disadvantages of keeping the gaps in your mouth far outweigh any advantages.

You may opt for partial dentures to replace your teeth to:

  • Prevent healthy teeth from drifting
  • Prevent breakage from uneven bite forces
  • Fill out your facial structure
  • Make your smile more attractive

While you might have other choices available, like bridges or implants, partial dentures are often less invasive and less expensive. Plus, they don’t rely on your facial muscles to stay in place and are therefore easier to adjust to than complete dentures.

How should I care for my partial dentures?

Caring for partial dentures is uncomplicated, and the team at Illinois Dental Center of Belmont helps you learn the steps to keep them healthy and long-lasting. Like complete dentures, you may need some repairs, adjustments, or replacements over time. However, you can minimize your need for extra work on your partial dentures by following these care steps: 

  • Use a gentle denture cleaner
  • Brush the denture with a soft toothbrush
  • Soak your denture at night
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods
  • Start with small bites

The team at Illinois Dental Center of Belmont may give you additional or more specific instructions depending on the type of partial dentures that you select. 

If you still have healthy teeth and want to explore partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth in your arch, call Illinois Dental Center of Belmont or book an appointment online today.